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Arizona Swift Transportation Truck Accident Attorney You are not alone if you or someone close to you have recently been in a Swift trucking accident. Thousands of other drivers have experienced similar or even worse accidents involving a Swift Transportation truck. So why do such big companies keep racking up the accident statistics? Despite their several issues, most trucking accidents are mostly preventable. Adequate training, regular truck maintenance, and proper rest are critical to avoid accidents on the road. However, you can hold Swift Transportation responsible for the consequences if you were not at fault.

Data suggests that Swift Transportation trucks were involved in more than 2,000 accidents between 2020 and 2022, resulting in around 800 injuries and 70 fatalities. Though these numbers might seem small, it is an alarming statistic. Though 18-wheelers make up only 5% of the highway, they are responsible for 11% of deaths on the road. A professional Arizona Swift Transportation truck accident attorney can help hold these companies liable for their actions!

Why Should You Partner With A Professional Attorney?

Though most people are bound to be involved in an accident at some point in their lives, the results could be devastating if a semi-truck is involved. If you have been in such a collision, one of the best steps you can take is to enlist an experienced attorney’s help. A Swift Transportation truck could easily weigh up to 40 tons and cause severe destruction.

While a few accident cases could be resolved without hiring a professional, accidents involving Swift Transportation commercial vehicles are generally quite complex. These cases require a lot of knowledge to navigate the legal system. An experienced Arizona Swift Transportation truck accident attorney can help you find an ideal course of action, from presenting evidence to conducting investigations on your behalf.

The Investigation

A professional attorney will examine your medical records, police reports, and all other documents related to your collision. If there are any witnesses, your lawyers will also conduct interviews to understand what happened clearly. A professional attorney will know where to look for any evidence of negligence that could help your case.

Handling The Paperwork

Filing a claim after getting hit by a truck usually involves a lot of paperwork. Remember, if you don’t file your paperwork correctly or file it too late, it might affect your chances of recovering fair financial compensation. An Arizona Swift Transportation attorney can ensure all your official paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

Investigating The Trucking Company

In most truck-related accidents, the trucking company’s negligence leads to the crash. For instance, the company may not have provided proper training to the driver or failed to maintain their delivery trucks properly. An attorney from Skiver Bradley will thoroughly investigate the company and look for any evidence of negligence.

Filing A Lawsuit

Sometimes, an insurance company will not negotiate for fair compensation. In such cases, an attorney can help fight your case in court. Our lawyers love to litigate and are proud of all the victories we have secured for our clients. If the verdict favors the truck driver or the trucking company, a lawyer can also appeal to a higher court for justice. No matter what happens, our lawyers will not stop their pursuit of compensation.

In most cases, an attorney can quickly negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance provider to help you recover fair compensation for your damages and injuries. They do this by building a robust case that lets the insurance company know they are ready to fight them in court if required. So, hiring a professional Arizona Swift Transportation truck accident attorney as soon as possible is best. Remember, time is absolutely crucial to alter an accident since the investigation must be conducted immediately! Most clues are generally time sensitive when finding evidence at the accident scene. Any skid marks on the pavement could fade away, and vehicles can be repaired before the damage is accounted for. Call Skiver Bradley to get started on your case right away!

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Skiver Bradley has represented many victims of trucking accidents in and around Arizona. We thoroughly understand national trucking laws and regulations and are ready to dedicate all our focus to helping victims like yourself. With the right attorney on your side, you can quickly start your path to recovery while we ensure you get fair compensation! Call our team for legal assistance today!