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The consistent rise in online shopping paired with the demise of retail stores means more people and businesses are sending cargo via carriers like UPS and FedEx more frequently than ever. FedEx collected a total revenue of $92.619 Billion last year, with company drivers also logging in billion miles on the roads. However, with miles comes accidents.

Like most trucking accidents, collisions involving FedEx trucks could be because of poorly maintained vehicles, driver error, mechanical failure, and several other factors. Commercial driver error is one of the leading causes of such accidents and could involve failure to obey traffic rules, inadequate training, distracted driving, impairment of alcohol, and more.

Though the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (also known as FMCSA) has designated the maximum allowable hours of service (HOS), most drivers tend to exceed it, resulting in accidents. Fatigue while driving is also a common cause of such accidents. A professional Phoenix FedEx truck accident lawyer from Skiver Bradley can help discover and evaluate your case’s facts to help determine liability and pursue fair compensation based on damages. Here are the steps you must take right after getting injured in a FedEx truck accident!

Contact The Police

After an accident, the first thing you need to do is call the police and make sure everything is filed perfectly. Your attending police officer can give you some information about your case and will provide you with a copy of the official report later when it’s completed. They will professionally assess the accident and note all the damages. The officer will also speak with you, the other driver, and witnesses (if any). The police report can help prove that the FedEx truck caused your injuries and damages.

Speak With Witnesses And Take Pictures

If you want a statement from any witness, you must speak with them and get their name and contact information. When a witness confirms your story and successfully verifies the facts, it gets much easier for you to get a claim. Besides speaking to the witnesses, you must also take as many photos of your accident scene as possible. Please take pictures of the damage sustained to the FedEx truck and your car from all angles so it’s easier to review the situation later. Your professional Phoenix FedEx truck accident lawyer will use it to support your story and submit it with your demand letter as evidence.

Look For Any CCTV Cameras Nearby

Depending on your location, you could also look for any CCTV camera that could have captured your accident. Many businesses, parking lots, and residencies have cameras to record activity nearby. If you find a camera that caught your incident on tape, it can also be used as evidence.

Medical Attention

You need to seek medical attention immediately after your accident, even if you don’t feel any pain. Some injuries take time before they become apparent, so it’s best to let a professional look. You must fully describe your injuries or discomfort to the doctor and ask them to record your information for your attorney.

Seek Professional Legal Help

As a huge corporation with thousands of drivers, FedEx might not immediately want to settle or pay your claim. However, though it’s a large company on the other end, it’s still entirely within your right to bring the fight to them. Phoenix Fed Ex truck accident lawyers have years of training and experience handling such cases! Most personal injury lawyers also work on a contingency basis. It means they will get paid once they receive fair compensation for the damages from their accident.

So, suppose your car was recently hit by a FedEx truck, and you are looking for compensation for your damages and medical bills. In that case, we suggest you speak with a professional attorney immediately!

Skiver Bradley Can Help You Find Justice In No Time!

We understand that getting hit by a commercial vehicle could be a confusing and painful experience. However, it’s your right to receive fair compensation for your damages! Skiver Bradley experts have years of training handling accident cases that involve a FedEx vehicle. If you or someone you know have recently been in a FedEx accident and are looking for legal assistance, call our team and we will take care of everything while you rest and recover.