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Arizona Knight Transportation Attorney Knight Transportation is one of the biggest transportation companies in the USA, operating thousands of trailers and tractors. Despite the size and reputation of the company, there have been numerous knight transportation accident cases across the country which often lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. The consequences of an accident between a knight transportation truck and a passenger vehicle can be severe because of the sheer size difference. In such cases, accident victims can find justice with the help of a professional Arizona Knight Transportation attorney.

What Should You Do After A Serious Collision With A Knight Transportation Truck?

An accident with a commercial delivery vehicle can be a traumatic experience. It could take days or even weeks for you to recover from the injuries of your accident. When you sustain an injury from a trucking accident, you must contact a professional attorney as soon as possible and discuss all your legal options. Our Arizona Knight Transportation attorney from Skiver Bradley can help you gather all the evidence needed to put together a robust lawsuit on your behalf.

Most professional insurance companies will try their best to settle your claim quickly outside the court, which generally doesn’t allow you to get fair compensation for your damages and injuries. Our attorneys will collect all vital information about your accident, like police reports, truck maintenance records, driver’s logs, and accident-related costs, to help build a strong case. Our lawyers have spent years dealing with such issues and can help you fight for maximum compensation!

Some Common Causes Of Knight Transportation Truck Accidents

Several factors could contribute to a Knight trucking accident. Any accident involving a commercial delivery truck could have a significant impact on the seriousness of your injuries and property damage. All truck drivers, including ones working for Knight Transportation, must abide by several federal safety regulations when on the road. Most trucking accidents occur when the driver does not follow these guidelines. Some common causes of such accidents include:

  • Unsafe passing
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving when tired
  • Improperly secured loads
  • Loads exceeding the truck’s maximum capacity
  • Defective equipment

Driving when fatigued is one of the primary reasons why commercial delivery trucks are involved in auto accidents. There are stringent rules in place that help ensure all commercial drivers receive adequate amounts of sleep between long hours of traveling. However, if a driver fails to log these rest times or breaks, it’s against federal safety regulations since it puts other drivers on the road at risk.

Other Dangers Of Commercial Delivery Trucks

There are also some additional dangers that the drivers must remember when operating a commercial truck vs. a regular vehicle. For instance, commercial trucks usually take longer to slow down or stop than a car. It means if a commercial driver is speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, it could lead to a severe accident. If you have been in an accident because the truck driver failed to maintain a proper distance, a professional Arizona Knight Transportation attorney can hold them responsible for their mistake!

It’s up to each trucking company (in this case, Knight Transportation) to professionally train its drivers and keep records of vehicle maintenance or any other information relevant to providing safety on the street. When an accident occurs, the truck drive and their trucking company could be held responsible for the damages. Having spent years in the field, our attorneys have noticed that these accidents are often a result of vehicle rollovers, driver negligence, and faulty equipment.

Reaching Out To An Attorney Is Critical

Without a professional Arizona truck accident lawyer, an insurance company could sweet talk you into getting a minimal settlement that cannot cover the cost of your damages and accident-related injuries. No one should ever have to suffer from an accident when they were not at fault.

Our attorneys can represent your best interest in court and help you reach a favorable verdict and a fair settlement. However, it would help if you remembered that there is a time limit on when a person can find a claim after a trucking accident. Hence, hiring a professional attorney as soon as possible is best to help review all your legal options.

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