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Not all legal cases require you to hire a professional attorney. Still, in case of road accidents, especially with an 18-wheeler truck, you must hire a lawyer to get the compensation you need to pay for your medical expenses. A qualified lawyer will be able to gather evidence from the scene, find out what happened, and argue your best interest in court. They can collect evidence from police, witnesses, and motor vehicle inspection companies to help them effectively represent you. If you or someone you know was in a semi-truck accident recently, it’s time to immediately contact a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorney. Though you could always choose to represent yourself in court, we suggest you consider working with professionals instead since motor vehicle accidents can be very challenging to handle. Remember, when pursuing a personal injury claim, you must go through several legal formalities and deadlines that you must navigate correctly to preserve your right to sue.

Today’s article will discuss why hiring a professional attorney for your personal injury case is always better. After reading this article, if you feel it’s time to contact a skilled attorney, don’t hesitate to contact Skiver Bradley for help.

Truck Accident Cases Can Be Complex

When you hire a professional personal injury lawyer, the attorney will become responsible for meeting with your opposing party, filing for a claim on time, and handling all other legal formalities needed to get your case in front of a judge (or jury). If you fail to handle your case correctly, your claim could suffer due to missing a deadline.

In addition to the statutory deadline, there are numerous other court-specific and case-specific deadlines that you must comply with, or you risk facing sanctions. Moreover, settlement negotiations, conferences, and other discovery tools require you to have a professional on your side. Hiring a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorney will enable you to shift all the burden of complying with the legal formalities of filing a case onto an experienced expert.

Not Having An Attorney Could Cost You A Lot

A critical factor determining the value of your claim is if you contributed to or caused the injury in some way. Jurisdictions tend to vary depending on how they apportion liability or blame. If you are guilty in the case, you could risk spending several years behind bars.

If you’re not imprisoned, you may be required to pay some money to go free. With an attorney on your side, you won’t have to worry since most of them will only ask for payment once they win your case. A decent Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorney will know how to handle your case and can spare you a lot of trouble, money, and effort.

Professional Resources

Most Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorneys will have access to several resources to help you build a robust case. It generally includes access to medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and more. Professionals will also discuss the details of your accident to help identify any potentially liable parties and handle all aspects of your case. They will gather witnesses, conduct thorough research, and develop a case that lasts in court.

Trucking Regulations Are Simple

Since most commercial vehicles pose an increased danger to other motorists, commercial vehicles and trucking companies are strictly regulated by federal and state laws. These regulations impose a severe penalty on commercial vehicle operators, which generally motivates the insurers (of the trucking companies) to oppose potential litigation fiercely.
Given these complexities, you are better off with a Phoenix 18-wheeler accident attorney. They will have the negotiation skills to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. They can better negotiate with insurance companies and other parties to protect your legal rights.

If you or somebody you know have been in an 18-wheeler accident in Phoenix and are looking for legal assistance, contact Skiver Bradley today! A skilled attorney is your guardrail that helps protect your rights to receive total and fair compensation. The sooner you put the guardrail, the more challenging it will be for the other party to drive your case over the brink.

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