Arizona Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Skilled Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Arizona amazon delivery truck injuries attorney Amazon’s shipping operations are expanding rapidly, with a national recruitment drive for drivers to handle local, intrastate, and interstate deliveries. Various programs like Amazon Logistics, the “Delivery Service Partner” (DSP) program, Amazon Freight Partners (AFP), Amazon Flex, and Amazon Prime form the backbone of its extensive transportation network. With rapid expansion comes a higher risk of accidents. Contacting an Arizona Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer can help in the case of an injury.

However, the safety of these deliveries is questionable. In 2015 alone, over 60 major accidents involving Amazon delivery contractors resulted in serious injuries, including 10 fatalities. This figure likely underestimates the true number of incidents.

In Tonopah, AZ, a tragic accident involving an Amazon delivery truck occurred on May 16, 2024. The collision, which took place on a busy stretch of Interstate 10, resulted in significant injuries and fatalities. Eyewitnesses reported that the Amazon truck, heavily loaded with packages, appeared to lose control before colliding with multiple vehicles. Emergency responders arrived swiftly, but the scene was chaotic, with several people requiring immediate medical attention.

Amazon Truck Injury Safety Protocols

The accident in Arizona raised serious concerns about the safety protocols and training of Amazon’s delivery drivers, highlighting the potential risks associated with the rapid expansion of the company’s delivery network. Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, including whether driver fatigue or mechanical failure played a role.

Amazon often claims it is not liable for the actions of its independent contractors. The company argues that Amazon is not responsible for its mistakes since these drivers are not employees. This stance is maintained even though Amazon’s regulations control everything from drivers’ social media usage to the sequence and quantity of package deliveries. Despite drivers wearing Amazon uniforms, using Amazon-branded vehicles, having driving activity monitored by cameras with corrective feedback from companies like Netradyne, and following routes dictated by Amazon’s proprietary mapping software, Amazon denies liability.

It’s important to realize that even if you see an Amazon trailer and another company’s truck or tractor, Amazon could be liable. Skiver Bradley knows how to figure out who is liable.

If you or a loved one is injured or if a family member is killed due to Amazon’s trucking negligence, you need a law firm capable of challenging Amazon. An Arizona Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer at Skiver Bradley has the expertise to prosecute cases against Amazon successfully.

Types of Amazon Trucks You May See

Arizona amazon delivery sprinter van accident lawyer

Here are some of the typical Amazon trucks or vans you might see:

Amazon Truck Trailers

Amazon operates its own fleet of trucks and trailers to transport packages from its fulfillment centers to customers. These include both flatbed trailers and box trucks with fully enclosed cargo areas. Amazon also collaborates with partners to meet their extensive delivery needs.

Embark Driverless Trucks

Incorporating advanced technology into its logistics operations, Amazon employs driverless trucks from Embark. These self-driving trucks are not controlled by drivers but instead utilize a customized software system designed specifically for fleets. This technology is touted to be safer and more efficient than human drivers.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

For several years, Amazon has utilized tens of thousands of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. These vans, equipped with additional safety features tailored for Amazon’s delivery needs, are smaller than semi-trucks and trailers, allowing them to access areas larger rigs cannot.

Walk-In Vans

Similar to Sprinter vans but larger and more boxy in appearance, walk-in vans can carry more and larger packages, providing additional capacity for Amazon’s delivery operations.

Rivian Electric Vans

These vans, used by Amazon, are fully electric and do not rely on gasoline, setting them apart from other delivery vehicles in Amazon’s fleet.

Personal Employee Vehicles

Through the Amazon Flex Program, employees can deliver packages using their own personal vehicles, including bicycles equipped with baskets. This program allows for greater flexibility and reach in Amazon’s delivery network.

What to Do If You Are Injured by an Amazon Truck

If you are involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, first, call our Arizona Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer then follow these crucial steps:

Step 1: Call the Police

Immediately report the accident by calling the police. When they arrive, they will assess the situation, document any injuries, and create an official accident report. This report will be vital evidence for any claims your attorney may file on your behalf.

Step 2: Exchange Contact Information with the Amazon Truck Driver

Before leaving the scene, collect the following information from the Amazon delivery driver:

  • Driver’s contact details, including name, address, birth date, and phone number
  • License plate number of the Amazon delivery vehicle
  • Insurance information of the Amazon delivery driver
  • Verify if the driver was on duty at the time of the accident, as this will be important for your claim.

Step 3: Document the Accident

Once you are safe and have received medical attention, gather evidence to support your claim. This should include:

  • Photos of the accident scene and any vehicle damage
  • Witness statements and their contact information
  • Detailed notes on the timing, location, and specifics of the accident involving the Amazon delivery truck.

Collecting this information will be crucial for your legal proceedings and any compensation claims you pursue.

How Will an Amazon Trucking Accident Lawyer Help Your Claim?

Arizona amazon trucking delivery accidents A skilled and experienced Arizona Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer who understands Amazon’s local, intrastate, and interstate business operations is essential to proving that Amazon is responsible for the conduct of its drivers.

At Skiver Bradley, we use our extensive resources to investigate, analyze, and prepare every aspect of claims on behalf of our clients in Amazon trucking cases. This includes conducting a thorough and complete investigation into the crash, visiting the scene, inspecting the vehicles, collecting physical evidence, gathering GPS data and onboard video recordings, and interviewing witnesses.

Our team hires engineering experts, trucking industry specialists, medical professionals, and economic experts to prove your case and accurately calculate the total expected losses for your claims. Skiver Bradley’s trucking accident lawyers are fully prepared to take these claims to trial while also working to negotiate a fair settlement throughout the entire process.