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Phoenix Box Truck Accident Lawyer Box-type truck accidents and collisions can be catastrophic. These vehicles have a tall profile, making them highly likely to tip over on turns, during speedy winds, when carrying heavier loads, or due to driver’s negligence. It is the primary reason you must hire a professional Phoenix box truck accident lawyer whenever you are involved in an accident. Box trucks are often rented by inexperienced drivers who don’t possess proper training, leading to deadly accidents. If you or your family member has been injured in a box truck accident, you must contact a professional box truck injury lawyer at the earliest.

What Is A Box Truck?

A box truck often refers to a cube truck, cube van, straight truck, box van, or a similar vehicle used for moving goods over short distances, like delivery trucks or moving trucks. Box trucks are one of the most spotted trucks on the road that often feature roll-up doors in the back.

Since box trucks tend to come in several different sizes and styles, they can significantly vary in weight, with some of the largest weighing up to 33,000 pounds. Large box trucks often lead to severe consequences when involved in an accident.

What Makes Box Truck Accidents So Devastating?

Even if experienced commercial truck drivers drive the trucks, box trucks tend to pose additional dangers due to their design. Box trucks tend to have low visibility, long stopping distances, and heavy weights.

The truck’s weight can also increase the overall possibility of rollover accidents if the driver takes a sharp turn or stops too fast. The design of most box trucks often incorporates several bling spots that lead to many accidents.

All these factors together lead to dangerous situations when on the road and sometimes are followed by deadly consequences.

Who May Be Liable In A Box Truck Accident?

The Truck Driver

The commercial truck driver might be held liable for an accident where the driver swerved too sharply or stopped too quickly, resulting in a rollover accident or a collision with another vehicle. The driver is also liable if they fail to stay aware of other vehicles on the road, resulting in an accident. In such cases, the box truck driver is just as liable as if they had been driving any other vehicle.

The Box Truck Company

If the box truck driver has an accident while using the truck for business, the employer or the truck company that owns the vehicle may also be held liable for any injuries you suffered in the accident.

The Truck Manufacturer

Some box truck accidents can also be caused by malfunctions or design flaws of the vehicle itself. In such cases, the vehicle manufacturer can also be liable for any injuries you suffer in the accident.

The seller who sold the vehicle, and suppliers or mechanics who worked on the truck, can also be liable based on the circumstances of the accident.

Hire An Attorney Right Away!

If you or a family member has been injured in a box truck accident, you should immediately contact a Phoenix box truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss all your legal options. A professional will help you understand all your options and if you are entitled to any compensation for your damages or injuries.

After consulting our experienced lawyer and hiring them to represent your case in court, our attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf before the legal time limits, or the applicable statute of limitations, expire and prevent you from asking for a claim.

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Accidents involving a box-type truck can be especially devastating, given the overall size and weight of these large vehicles. A professional Phoenix truck accident lawyer from Skiver Bradley can help you maximize your chances of pursuing any compensation you’re entitled to due to an accident.

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