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Arizona Box Truck Accident Lawyers Many of us may be involved in an Arizona road accident at some point in life. However, when the accident involves a box truck, the result is almost always devastating. After a collision, one of the best decisions you could make is to hire an experienced Arizona box truck accident lawyer. At Skiver Bradley, we wish to help you avoid the mistake of speaking to an inexperienced lawyer. Having the right legal assistance by your side can help make all the difference for you and your loved ones.

Why Should You Hire A Box Truck Accident Attorney?

While you can resolve some accident cases without hiring a professional attorney, mishaps that involve commercial vehicles tend to be complex. A box truck can weigh up to 26,000 pounds and cause severe destruction. Such cases require a lot of professional knowledge to navigate the legal proceedings carefully.

Your attorney’s overall experience greatly matters when deciding whether to hire an Arizona box truck accident lawyer. A skilled and experienced attorney can determine the best course of action for you by conducting an investigation and presenting evidence on your behalf. Several trucking companies tend to have a team of lawyers that protect them from paying hefty prices for their negligence.

You must never entrust your livelihood or that of your loved ones to just any attorney. Ensure you hire a professional who understands and knows how to protect your best interests.

When Is the Best Time to Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer?

The sooner you contact an Arizona box truck accident lawyer, the better. Time plays a crucial role in the case of an accident, as you should conduct an investigation immediately. Several clues are time-sensitive when we talk about finding and documenting all evidence from the accident scene.

Any drift marks on the pavement may fade, or the owner may repair vehicles before the damage is accounted for. If you delay this process for too long, the other party could gain a serious advantage. Our professional Arizona truck accident lawyers can handle your case quickly by obtaining all the evidence and documentation you need to have a strong case.

An Attorney Can Help Determine Liability

We can quickly determine who is liable for your personal loss, suffering, or injury. In several cases, multiple people can be held responsible for damages, including the truck manufacturer, truck driver, the owner of the box truck, and the loader or shipper of the truck’s cargo. A lawyer can even help you prove driver negligence if the box truck driver was driving recklessly or failed to stick to safety regulations.

It would help if you asked a professional attorney to inform you about all the possible options. An attorney will also tell you if your box truck accident lawsuit is worth all the trouble. An honest answer can help you make an informed decision about saving time or committing to get your compensation.

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